Class Descriptions


Our Princess Ballerinas program is designed to keep your tiny dancer excited and engaged each and every week. New Themes every 4-6 weeks! Such as "Mermaid Adventure", "Princess Tea Party",

​"Jungle Safari" and MORE! Props, Coloring Pages, Sticker Charts, and Completion Certificates make this curriculum based dance program fun and exciting, promising to keep  your dancer wanting to come back

​and learn more  each and every week!

 ~ Princess Ballerinas  for Ages 2 - 4 years

     In this 45 minute class, your dancer will hop, skip and twirl

    through an imaginary adventure. By encouraging your child's

    creativity and  independence in a fun and supportive atmosphere you will see her blossom before

​    your eyes! This is a perfect class for the beginner dancer!

~ Princess Ballerinas and Tappers  for Ages 3 – 4 years

     In this 1 hour class, stories and themes will take your dancer on an exciting adventure while learning

     proper ballet technique and tap. The ballet portion will follow the "Princess Ballerinas" curriculum,  

     learning real ballet in a fun and creative atmosphere. The tap portion is high energy, super fun and      

     teaches the steps and sequences of tap!

Our New Prima  Ballerinas & Tappers Program is the next step up from our Princess Ballerinas Program.  It will be replacing Combo II and Combo III classes on our schedule.  We will follow the same exciting program with Sticker Charts, and Completion Certificates but with more advanced curriculum, promising to keep  your dancer engaged wanting to come back and learn more  each and every week! ​

Prima Ballerinas & Tappers for Ages 4 - 6 years (Previously know as Combo II)

      This class is for those dancers that have already taken a minimum of one year of dance. They will

      work on perfecting their technique and be introduced to more challenging steps and choreography.

​      The first half of class will focus on tap technique and improving musicality! The second half of class

      students will learn proper ballet technique in a fun and creative atmosphere.


Prima Ballerinas & Tappers II for Ages 5 - 7 years (Previously known as Combo III)
      This class is for those dancers that have already taken a minimum of two years of dance. They will
      work on perfecting their technique and be introduced to more challenging steps and choreography to

      advance to the next level of dance.


  ~ Ballet I –  Age 6 and up

      In this level you will learn the basic positions and concepts of ballet with exercises at the barre and in

      the center.

  ~ Ballet II

      This next level will expand upon the foundations of  Ballet I. The focus will be on mastering  

      the basic positions and steps while introducing more complicated exercises both at the barre and in

      the center.

​                                                     ~ Ballet III 

                                                         This level is for dancers with a basic understanding of ballet

                                                         technique. This class covers the fundamentals of Ballet technique using

                                                         simple combinations that allow students to focus on perfecting their

                                                         technique, musicality, and movement.


  ~ Ballet IV, V & VI (New Level)

      These advanced levels challenge the student with more complex combinations at the barre and in the

      center. The student will work on fluidity of movement, balance, and combinations.

​      Ballet IV & V meets 2 times per week

​      Ballet VI meets 3 times per week

  ~ Pointe

      Students must be in Ballet V or VI to be on Pointe.  Students may only go on pointe with the

      permission of the ballet instructor.


Jazz incorporates different styles of dance. It’s energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, leaps and turns. 

Musical Theater  

Musical Theater can feature multiple styles of dance, acting and lip syncing.  They will use song, music and

dance from Broadway, TV and Movie Musicals.  

Hip Hop                                    

This class focuses on age appropriate Hip Hop dance moves to

Hip Hop, R & B, Pop, Old School and Today’s Top Chart music!

​Starting with Minis, age 5, to Advanced levels.

Boys Hip Hop

 ~ Boys Minis ages 5 - 8​ and Boys Hip Hop ages 9+

​Dance is physically demanding and requires sharp athletic skills and mental capacities, as it forces one to engage many aspects of the mind and body at one time. Plus, dance provides a great outlet for energetic boys that need to release some of their energy and turn it into something positive. Hip Hop is one of the most popular forms of dance for boys!


Previous ballet is required to take this class

Contemporary is a combination of Jazz, Ballet, Funk, and Modern dance styles. It focuses on self expression, natural movement and awareness of space and body movement.


Ballet is strongly recommend to take this class

This class combines Ballet and Jazz.  It’s a fluid dance that interprets feeling and emotions through movement.

Strength & Conditioning

Required for Company Members, all dancers ages 8 & up are welcome.

Unique strength and conditioning program designed specifically for dancers.

Dancers know they are artists but they are also athletes.  This program will

also focus on nutrition  and how to fuel the body.


  ~ Tiny Tumblers & Creative Dance or Hip Hop for Ages 2 to 5 years 

           Classes will focus on skills that will improve dancers' flexibility, strength and coordination. Various stretches

      and tricks will be incorporated into each class including: splits, bridges, chest stands, forward and backward

      rolls, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs to name a few.

  Acro Dance is a fusion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. Acro Dance is different from gymnastics. While some skills may appear to be the same, they are taught differently to accommodate having to execute the skills on a hard stage, rather than a sprung floor.

We follow the Acrobatic Arts (TM) professional curriculum. It is a progression based syllabus designed for safety and optimal results that teaches flexibility, strength, balance, limbering, tumbling, and partner/group stunting for dancers. This internationally accepted program will help your dancer acquire new skills with confidence!

(Please have your dancer evaluated for proper placement.)

~ Acro I: Level Primary - 3
Focus on strength and flexibility needed to accomplish new skills and establish excellent body control. Basic concepts of acro are introduced. Skill examples: dive roll, bridge, cartwheel, pre-handstands, backbend kick-over, etc.

~ Acro II: Level 4-6
Refining and building on skills from previous levels and adding such skills as: front/back walkover, round off, forearm stand, front limber, Arabian handstand, chest stand, etc.

~ Acro III: Level 7- Pre Pro
This is for acro dancers ready to work on more advanced skills. Example: side/front aerial, back handspring, back tuck, rolling tinsica, Valdez, headspring, etc.